Diane Simpson is pleased to present a series of talks relating to behaviour and personality. Be aware that ALL of the presentations can be tailored or combined to complement YOUR event. Here are a few examples:-

[1] ‘GRAPHOLOGY’ An entertaining introduction to graphology …the science of personality assessment via the analysis of writing. This interactive talk takes the audience on a stroll through the mind of a serial killer all the way to how to write with your ‘wrong’ hand. Includes the opportunity for every member of the audience to take a look at what their own writing reveals. Astounding graphics and a wealth of humour. Sceptics especially welcome. Interesting handouts.

[2] ‘YOUR RIGHT MIND’ An amazing lecture during which every member of the audience builds up an accurate profile of their natural strengths and weaknesses. A presentation designed to help participants kick-start the creative side of their thinking. Hilarious antics plus inspiring revelations. Useful free handouts.

[3] ‘MINDFULNESS’ A simple way to improve memory. Learn how to relax and effectively handle painful thoughts and feelings. Useful handouts. CD available.

[4] ‘STRESS’ A three pronged attack on that insidious enemy STRESS. Designed to help each member of the audience turn stress into motivation by utilising some fascinating techniques! Some intriguing free giveaways for every member of the audience.

[5] ‘MUSIC IN MIND’ Why we like or dislike particular pieces of music plus how music can be made to influence our thinking and decision making. Includes a lot of amazing music plus some fascinating free handouts.

[6] ‘PROCRASTINATION’ Discover the reasons you keep putting things off and exactly how to stop doing it!. Handouts.

[7] ‘HUMOUR’ A fascinating (and hilarious) examination of humour. Discover what amuses you, your friends AND enemies ….and why!

[8] ‘THE JOHARI WINDOW – An intriguing explanation of how to look through the ‘Johari Window’ which is a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others. Handouts

[9] ‘HEARING MATTERS’ Especially designed for those with hearing problems and those who know someone with hearing problems. A real eye opener for all concerned! Handouts

[10] ‘SERIAL KILLERS’  This breathtaking, adult only, presentation covers the crimes of some of the world’s most infamous killers. See and hear their comments and ‘explanations’ and learn about the advances being made to detect and prevent these crimes. Handouts


NB For full talk/subject listing contact Diane directly.


But first please tell me what you want…

ALL of my presentations contain humour and require a varying degree of audience participation; some require the use of visual projection and MOST can be adapted and/or combined to suit virtually any occasion. To tailor the presentation to the event it is necessary to know as much as possible about the occasion, so to enable us to decide the most appropriate content for your talk please give me a call or email me.

Please take note that once a date [for a talk, an exhibition or work-shop] has been confirmed (verbally or in writing), I will hold the date[s] regardless of fire, flood, earthquake OR other bookings. Therefore, when an engagement is cancelled, unless I am able to get another booking for that day, a fee is payable.

There are three fears that most people suffer at one time or another. The third worst fear is – PUBLIC SPEAKING. The second worst fear is – DYING. But the worst fear of all is – DYING WHILE SPEAKING IN PUBLIC [….sniffle]

3 thoughts on “TALKS

  1. Hi There
    We run a calendar of Ladies Lunches and I am interested in possibly having you to talk at one. Maybe on the subject of Graphology. Please can you advise what your charge would be and also if you are available on either June 8th and 10th August.
    Many thanks

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