NB As I am frequently away please contact me by phone or email before sending anything for my assessment ….otherwise you may be in for quite a wait!

Report A: Font/Logo/Slogan Assessment

(Discover just who/what/how your font or logo is ‘talking’ behind your back!)

OK, so how does your font, logo and/or slogan work?
Ask yourself:

* Does it take the reader’s eyes to where you want them to go?
* Will it work best as a poster or in a magazine advert or ONLY as a letter heading?
* Have you made allowance for the fact that what can easily be read in a magazine may confuse the eye when on a poster?
* Will people remember what you want them to remember?
* How will it appeal to people of different nationalities? There can be wide differences!

Now add to the above questions the interesting fact that depending on their age, gender, background, location and nationality, people react differently to fonts and logos  and not necessarily as you might think…

In short, this unique service offers the opportunity to discover what hidden messages your graphics contain AND will also provide the means to ensure that your messages are not only assimilated and remembered but also contain exactly what you  want to convey.

Cost depends entirely upon time, which is measured in half-day increments.

NOTE: A day of in-house training relating to the above can be provided for companies wishing to enhance their own design related services.

Confidentiality is absolute.

So talk to me?

Report B: Document Examination

There are two possibilities:

(1) IF – you require a comparison of writing in order to determine authorship I recommend you contact a fully qualified document examiner such as Mrs Sue Ord, telephone: 01948 820469
(2) IF – you have an existing report and wish to have it assessed in order to establish possible flaws then please give me a call to discuss possibilities.

Report C: Personality profiling


Graphology can identify and describe a writer’s personality and likely behaviour. It can monitor changes due to stress, circumstances and opportunity.

Graphology is based upon the meaning of the myriad ways an individual consciously or unconsciously changes their writing from the way they originally learned to write. A good analogy is learning to drive. For instance, one instructor could teach a hundred people to drive in exactly the same way …but none of them would drive in the same way. This is due to the fact that human beings change to some degree EVERY procedure they learn …in accordance with personal tastes, conditioning, feelings and current situation.

All writing is a compromise between the speed of the writer’s brain and the slowness of the writing hand …even the slowest thinker, thinks far faster than they can write. Once a person is practised in writing they become less aware of it as a considered action and writing becomes a sort of reflex …it is then that the changes begin and the writer’s personality reveals itself. What is particularly interesting is that people recognise these changes (without ‘knowing’ anything at all about graphology), resulting in their liking or disliking (relating or not relating to) what they see …certain highly successful sections of the advertising/marketing world having benefited greatly from this knowledge!! (For details of possibilities see Report A above.)

Graphology is nothing more nor less than a form of behavioural psychology.

NOTE: The assessments described below are designed to meet needs as flexibly as possible. Each report can be adapted to meet requirements.

The object of the exercise is to obtain an accurate description of personality and likely behaviour.

What the report will NOT tell you is who should be given a job (that is the employers choice alone) but rather describe how an individual would do a job (strengths, weaknesses and particular abilities etc).

The report is intended to be a tool to be used by an employer and in conjunction with any other form of testing and/or interview. The report can be written as a discussion document between candidate and interviewer – this is recommended.

After completion of the report any scenarios can be discussed  and questions answered.

1. RECRUITMENT/EMPLOYMENT/PERSONAL ASSESSMENT – a wide based recruitment/employment or personal assessment of a single individual. The report incorporates a range of profiles including compatibility considerations, specific business strengths and relevant weaknesses. This report may be incorporated into a recruitment and/or evaluation procedure OR employed by the individual as a means of vocational and/personal guidance: £300

2. RECRUITMENT/EMPLOYMENT/PERSONAL ASSESSMENT (SHORTER VERSION) – this is a shorter version of 1, and can be provided in either verbal or written form. This report is particularly appropriate when the requirement is for a speedy ‘overview’. NB: When undertaken over a period of time, these reports combine to provide a means of identifying patterns of behaviour which may be employed as an aid to the identification, monitoring and alleviation of sources of stress: £200

3. ‘TEAM SCAN’ – a team building/team bonding workshop with a valuable pay-off. The entire day is devoted to the diagnosis of team strengths, achieved and achievable progress plus recognition of acceptable idiosyncratic behaviour.
You will not be told what to do but will be able to see for yourself the areas in need of attention. No childish games or romping in mud, simply an interesting event guaranteed to enhance team performance!
FEE to be agreed according to requirements.

4a. PERSONALITY PROFILE – approximately 500 words [plus a chart with 2 page key] £150

NOTE: Unless Diane is out of UK, analyses generally take between seven and twenty one days to complete. If you require one earlier (or for a specific date), please e-mail your requirements BEFORE submitting payment in order that we can ascertain that this is possible.

Cheques will not be paid into the bank until the analysis has been completed.

When submitting writing for analysis [preferably a number of samples written at different times and for different reasons], content is entirely irrelevant but the sample should be spontaneous and neither copied nor dictated (poetry is not recommended). The description of a journey regularly taken e.g. to work, the library or shops etc. is ideal as the writer is able to ‘flow’ quite easily. In additional to the writing samples the following information is required: (a) Writer’s full name (b) Writer’s gender (c) Writer’s age [date of birth not necessary!] (d) Country in which the writer learned to write (if the writer’s first language is not English a least half of the writing should be in his/her most fluent language).

Questions? Just ask.

Report D:  On-the-spot analyses for Exhibitions and other Events

Diane Simpson, a professional Graphologist [25 years experience, authoress of three books and participant in more than 100 TV and Radio programmes], will produce fast and accurate 3 page profiles [comprising a page of explanation plus a fully personalised chart and key]… all verbally laced with dry wit and perceptive humour.

Every event has its own priorities and styles, every client has their own requirements …some need participants to move on as quickly as possible while others prefer people to linger awhile. To ensure that these needs are appropriately met, here are three types of ‘event report’ each taking a different time to produce…..


(A) FIVE MINUTES – how the writer controls people and situations. Includes ability to delegate, likely response to stress, ability to think ahead plus spontaneity issues.

(B) TEN MINUTES – what the writer allows the world to see and what lies behind ‘the mask’ includes introversion/extroversion, team work, goal orientation and any conditions the writer places on his/her participation.

(C) TWENTY MINUTES – both of the above PLUS most likely sources of stress and how to alleviate them. NOTE: This report can be extended to cover other areas of personality and behaviour if time is not a real priority.

Each report will be tailor-made to your client/guest profile .. and [taking into consideration the absolute fact that the ‘victims’ will keep their analysis for ever] can

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