Diane Simpson, a professional Graphologist [25 years experience, authoress of three books and participant in more than 100 TV and Radio programmes], will produce fast and accurate 3 page profiles [comprising a page of explanation plus a fully personalised chart and key]… all verbally laced with dry wit and perceptive humour.

Every event has its own priorities and styles, every client has their own requirements …some need participants to move on as quickly as possible while others prefer people to linger awhile. To ensure that these needs are appropriately met, here are three types of ‘event report’ each taking a different time to produce…..


(A) FIVE MINUTES – how the writer controls people and situations. Includes ability to delegate, likely response to stress, ability to think ahead plus spontaneity issues.

(B) TEN MINUTES – what the writer allows the world to see and what lies behind ‘the mask’ includes introversion/extroversion, team work, goal orientation and any conditions the writer places on his/her participation.

(C) TWENTY MINUTES – both of the above PLUS most likely sources of stress and how to alleviate them. NOTE: This report can be extended to cover other areas of personality and behaviour if time is not a real priority.

Each report will be tailor-made to your client/guest profile .. and [taking into consideration the absolute fact that the ‘victims’ will keep their analysis for ever] can incorporate any relevant publicity or theme.

Intriguing handouts on related subjects i.e. colour choices and their meanings or signature secrets etc (incorporating your information of course!) make useful passerby giveaways, copy will be provided as part of the package.

Visual passerby ‘hooks’ such as posters inviting people to ‘spot the serial killer’ or test their colour sightedness are guaranteed magnets.

An in-depth analysis can be offered as a business card Draw Prize


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