image004Is it Dyslexia or just bad handwriting?
If you would like to improve your handwriting because it looks untidy or other people can’t read it here are a number of things you can try.

* SLOW DOWN – all writing is a compromise between the speed of the brain and the slowness of the hand. (the faster you think the harder it is to write legibly …but face it, if you WANT to, you can do it!)

* Make sure your i dots and t bars are placed accurately. (They are two of the most important components of legible writing ….and taking the time to place them accurately will also make you slow down!).

* Purchase a calligraphy set and practice, practice, practice.

* Join a Calligraphy class at a local college.

But if you are having real problems with reading AND writing [or know someone who does] and you or they are serious about wanting to improve things ….I strongly recommend you begin by having a look at THRASS [Teaching Handwriting Reading and Spelling Skills].



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