DIANE SIMPSON has relocated from Chester and is now based in Wymondham (pronounced ‘WinDum)’ which is just a few miles south of Norwich in the wonderful county of Norfolk.



07595 594767


Says Diane…

“My work is all about seeking, analysing and interpreting patterns of behaviour. With these in mind, I have developed a range of talks relating to personality and behaviour ….see titles and content in TALKS section.

And if I personally can’t help you then I am sure to know someone who can!”

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello Diane

    My wife and I have just got home from a cruise on Britannia. We went to all of your talks and found them very enjoyable and engaging. Thank you for providing a highlight of our holiday and we were so pleased to hear your good health news. Our daughter is very interested in Serial Killers. Have you any written material, particularly of your own, that you could point us to. Love to Alison.

    Thanks again

    Colin Mosedale Bedford

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