Client Comments

MOD “Highlight of the event”

NPOWER “Thank you for an amazing experience”

WARWICKSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL “Everyone found your session very enjoyable, interesting and helpful. All the participants commented on how knowledgeable, informative and enthusiastic you were, which is mirrored in the very high evaluation scores recorded”.

AIM HIGHER [SALFORD] “Thank you for facilitating our first ever Law Society evening Master Class. The feedback has been very positive, they all really enjoyed themselves. I look forward to working with you on future projects”.

LAKELAND LTD. “They loved you!”
‘The Body in Question’, TULLIE HOUSE MUSEUM, CARLISLE “Your contribution made a perfect conclusion to such a wide-ranging day, and was clearly appreciated by our audience. It was just what was required”
“A very interesting day – it got most people buzzing, broke down some barriers and gave us an easy test to see if our nearest and dearest are psychopaths! There were also comments by those who were delighted that the event we had organised did not consist of anything potentially humiliating, physical, or competitive, and was great fun as well as providing insight into why colleagues may think differently from us, but in just as valid a way”.
DARESBURY LABORATORY [CCLRC] “In the comment fields, best parts were classified as “excellent, humorous, superb throughout, entertaining, audience involvement, fun, educational, interesting, best speaker we’ve ever had “. A huge success.”
WOMEN OF INFLUENCE LUNCHEON – “You are the first speaker ever to be called back for a second year!”
PINACLE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS – “Many thanks for your session at our salesmeeting. You’ll be pleased to know that the feedback questionnaire scored your session as overall No.1 (for content, motivation & relevance).”
GLAXOWELLCOME – “Your presentations were wonderful! The team haven’t stopped talking about you – the best money we have ever spent.”
WOMEN IN DIRECT MARKETING – “Everyone I have spoken to, since last Tuesday’s lunch, have informed me how much they enjoyed it and, in particular, your brilliant contribution to the event. I found your whole subject completely fascinating and so interesting.”
CHOREGUS – ” I do want to thank you for a really interesting, humorous and devilish talk at the recent E.N.G. conference. You had the audience eating out of your hand and it’s not very often I see the production crew sit up and take notice or laugh out loud as they did during your performance. I look forward to working with you again very soon”.
CANCER RESEARCH CAMPAIGN – ” Your talk was such a great success with our members that I now face the challenge of finding a speaker to come anywhere near the high standard you have set”.
THE CLUB [Abu Dhabi] – “The response from the audience has been resounding. Without exception, the numerous comments that we have received are most complimentary and it would appear Diane managed to provide something for everyone and succeeded in delivering a very interesting and equally hilarious presentation. Everyone was pleasantly surprised that Diane is an authority on the subject and not just a funny person”
NATIONWIDE – “On behalf of myself and the rest of the committee who organised the above conference, I am writing to thank you for your excellent presentation which everyone found interesting and entertaining”
WOMEN’S ENTERPRISE NETWORK – “On behalf of myself and the members of WEN, I would like to thank you most sincerely for your brilliant presentation last Wednesday. I received numerous telephone calls the following day, they were taking a few moments of their time simply to voice their gratitude for a thoroughly entertaining and informative evening”.
CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF BANKERS (since 2006 known as ifs School of Finance)-“A brief note to formally thank you very much for your entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable address to the Chartered Institute of Bankers on Tuesday evening. Everyone I have spoken to has said how much they enjoyed the evening and particularly your presentation which was both different and I suspect revealing! Seriously, it was a huge relief for me as President to be able to rely upon someone who can speak so well and with such professionalism to ensure
that the key part of the evening was enjoyed by so many people.”
BUPA – ” Our Head of Strategic Implementation, has asked me to say a big ‘thank you’ to you for your most entertaining and enjoyable after dinner speech. We all found it most enlightening and amusing and you, too, realise what a valuable and imaginative group of people we have”.
BUSINESS CLUB – ” Excellent. That’s the only word to describe your presentation to the club last week. No – that’s a lie. Other words include: interactive, funny, enjoyable, highly entertaining, and more besides, but that will do for now. Thank you very much – it was superb!
MBA PUBLISHING -“Well, what can I say? Yours was a very hard act to follow and I felt so sorry for all the other speakers! Can you come and do it again next year?”

The originals from which these extracts were taken [plus many others] are freely available for viewing at the DSA Chester office.

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